GirlsMBA/Blog 9-9-11
The Latticework Concept

Lattice is a simple structure commonly constructed of thin narrow strips of wood crossing over and behind each other and forming a barrier. Many times you will see lattice under a porch or deck of a house attempting to keep out small animals or just hide the unsightly underside of the building. But, that's not my main point. It's the structure of lattice that I'm mainly interested with - those thin narrow bands of wood that cross over each other and join together to make a whole lattice. The bands of wood that make up a lattice are not very thick or strong on their own. Each narrow, thin, strip of wood extends to reach over the other bands and gains it's strength through its interaction with the others. It becomes a strong structure through design. The whole package becomes greater than the sum of its parts. That is exactly what I am driving at here! We are trying to build in ourselves the strong structure of MBA know-how that becomes greater than the sum of its parts. A real Master of Business Administration will have acquired a vast array of knowledge in many areas of life and business. Few of those areas will she become a, " specialist in the field" - she leaves that up to the specialists - but she will have gained enough knowledge in so many different areas of business to effectively communicate with the "specialists" and be able to formulate competent decisions. It is not our job to be a specialist in any one area - except maybe in the area of making decisions. Our job is seeing how each area applies and connects with other areas and how every given action may or may not affect to the whole. We are big picture people! Business is made up of many parts: sales, marketing, finance, customer service, economies of scale, etc. If we employ this "Latticework Concept," it will help us become proficient in applying what we should know as true Masters of Business Administration. Remember, it's not our depth of understanding on any given topic that puts us over, it's our general understanding of that topic and how it interacts with every other area of business that enables us to make the high level decisions required of us. If we are going to be a CEO or desire to think like a true Master of Business Administration we must adopt this "Latticework Concept." Let's make it a large part of our MBA mental model and the way we go about learning. If we want to rise to the highest levels of business, we must not get caught up in "deep concepts" and "specialized knowledge." Let's keep it simple and stay with the basics. Let's stay interested in everything all the time. Business is a fascinating field of study and the learning opportunities are endless.

Olivia Hemstrought