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Must Read List:
1.From Good To Great
by James Collins
2. MBA in a Nutshell
by Dr. Milo Sobel
3.The Unwritten Laws
of Business

by W. J. King

4. Financial Intelligence
for Entrepreneurs
by Karen Berman
5. Accounting Made Simple
by Mike Piper
6. The 80/20 Principle
7. The Halo Effect
8.On Writing Well
by William Zinzer
9. Thinking in Systems
10. Blue Ocean Strategy
11. How to Lie With Statistics
12. The Effective Executive
by Peter Drucker
...list edited and updated weekly..
Now Reading
How to Be a High School Superstar, by Cal Newport.


Top 10 Ways to Think Like an MBA:
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2. Read a Book a Week from the Must Read List
3. Watch Our Videos
4. Be Interested in Learning New Things
5. Don't Assume You Already Know That
6. Ask The Right Questions
7. Get Answers
8. Make Decisions Based on Answered Questions
9. Give Credit to Those
Who Answered
10. Never Decide Until The Right Questions Are Answered

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